Instructions for pre-terms

Pre-terms of the examination in pathological physiology:

  • Tuesday 14. 12. 2021
  • Friday 17. 12. 2021
  • Tuesday 4. 1. 2022
  • Friday 7. 1. 2022

Regular dates will be in each week of the winter semester exam period.

Registration for the exam will be possible only through the SIS.

For the pre-terms in December, it is necessary to obtain a credit before the exam. For other pre-terms and all regular terms, the credit registered in the SIS is a condition for registering for the exam.

Please note that in order to obtain the credit, it is necessary to meet the relevant conditions, including attendance at practical exercises. 2 absences are allowed, while missing the substitution class in the last week of the semester is not considered an absence. In the case of an application for an earlier credit for the possibility of registering for an exam pre-term, it is necessary to take into account the missed practical exercises following the credit, and thus having corresponding number of absences. We therefore recommend the ongoing solution of possible absences after consulting your group teacher.