Credit II (2023)

Conditions for the credit – Pathological physiology II:

  1. Active attending practical exercises – 2 absences per semester are allowed.

For the practical exercises, the student must be theoretically prepared for the topic of the given class and is obliged to acquaint himself with the guideline for the given experiment or task (se study literature). Prerequisites are knowledge from the fields to which the subject pathological physiology follows, i.e. anatomy, histology, embryology, biology, genetics, chemistry and biochemistry, biophysics, physiology and microbiology. Students, who did not attend the class in time, will be not admitted to the class.

  1. Submitting of correctly elaborated protocols of all experiments and practical exercises verified by the teacher.

The conditions of the credits for students having an individual study plan, who enrolled pathological physiology II for the second time, will be appointed individually in dependence on study duties passed in the previous academic year. These conditions will not exceed the range of above specified general duties. These students are required to contact the teacher of the relevant study group (see timetable in Practical exercises section on this web) at the beginning of the semester.