Conditions for the exam for dental medicine students

Conditions for the exam:

The student is obliged to register for the exam before the deadline using SIS (other ways of registration will not be accepted). Registration is necessary for the regular term as well as for potential 1st re-examination or 2nd re-examination. The condition for registration for the exam is to obtain a credit (if not specified differently for a particular exam date).

The exam consists of a practical exam and oral exam. The required knowledge is based on the list of exam questions and the syllabus of the subject.

Practical exam consists of question related to practical exercises. Failure in the practical exam means classification of the exam “fail”.

Practical exam questions

Oral exam consists of 3 questions. To pass the oral exam, the student must show sufficient knowledge in each of these 3 questions.

Oral exam questions

Final classification takes into consideration not only the performance in the oral exam but also the classification of the practical exam.

Practical and oral exams constitute one complex and cannot be separated into two examination terms. In the case of classification of any part of the exam “failed”, the student is subjected to both the practical and oral exam again in the 1st or 2nd reexamination.

Standardly, the exam is on-site. In the case of the remote form of examination (if the circumstances do not allow for a standard examination and in accordance with the rules in force at the time of the exam), an interview will be conducted by Zoom, MS Teams or similar tool. It is therefore necessary for the student to be equipped with an internet connection, a computer with a camera and a microphone. In the case of remote examination, the questions will be selected by the teacher, the exam will start immediately after the questions have been asked and the student will not have time to prepare.